Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the Winner was . . .Plan B

And I really didn’t need to convince them. I went in on Thursday morning for another follicle ultrasound and she said that one more day would be ideal but since we were leaving town she felt good about doing it on Saturday. So I did the trigger shot on Thursday night and we did the IUI on Saturday morning. Then it was off to Madison for the half marathon. It was good to be sitting in a car for 4 hours and not moving or being stressed – I was able to relax and let the little swimmers do their job!
We had a great time in Madison. J. rocked at his first half marathon – 1 hour and 43 minutes. If you know anything about half marathons that is a really good time! Brat fest was after the race so we sat out in the sun with a brat and a beer and just enjoyed the day!
I’m so glad things worked out this way. We did a lot of baby dancing on our own this weekend. It was a lot of fun since we were in a hotel and in a different town. It always seems like the stresses you might have going on at home go away and you are less distracted. If the IUI didn’t do it this weekend, I’m really thinking all our baby dancing did! J
Thank you for all the well wishes and support! Hopefully I will have good news to report in 2 weeks. I also hope the next two weeks go by fast. It is the last 2 weeks of school and my 2 ww.


  1. Sounds like it was a great plan that worked out for both of you!

    That is a fabulous time for a 1/2 marathon!! My husband ran the Chicago half in 2 hours 20 minutes a couple years ago (of course, you wouldn't know it today...ha!).

    Hope this is your cycle with a BFP!!

  2. Sound great!!Sending you some positive vibes

  3. So glad to see that everything worked out! Woohoo for good timing and a wonderful weekend away. Rooting for you!

  4. Isn't Brat Fest great? I'm from Madison and we always make it a point to go, it's such a fun atmosphere! Congrats to your husband on his half marathon, what an accomplishment!

    I really hope that this IUI works out for you and you get some good news in a couple of weeks!

  5. good luck with your 2ww, i had an iui today so i am at the very begining of my 2ww.

  6. Well, you will be a week ahead of me for the IUI as I think I am triggering tomorrow for a saturday IUI. hope the time goes fast for you! and good job to DH on his half marathon time. I was proud of myself when I did my first in 2 hours :)

  7. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!
    I hope this one is the one and that your 2ww goes by super fast!

  8. Best of luck!!! The IUI that I got pregnant, we did a lot of baby dancing on our own too. Will hope for the most wonderful news for you in a couple weeks!