Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Not the Worst Christmas"

Where do I begin with these Holidays? I feel like J. and my last statement tonight sums it all up, “It wasn’t the worst Christmas season we have been through!”

That isn’t saying much, but at least it wasn’t the worse. We started on Christmas Eve at my mom’s house. She was actually a bit crabby. Which isn’t like her on when she is having people over to her house. One of my brothers wasn’t there because he has this “really important” job and couldn’t fly into town for Christmas Eve. She was crabby about that. I don’t understand why she wasn’t just happy that he wasn’t around to pretend he knows everything and start fights just for the fun of it. Maybe his absence was the start of things not being that bad this Christmas.

I had a bit of a cold that I was getting over and still a bit sore from the pelvic laparoscopy (see picture J. took to the left, you can't see anything, but he still wanted to take a picture) , not that I was getting much sympathy from my mom. I have not shared any of this journey with my Grandma and she was there that night so I refrained from talking about anything. She is a very spiritual person. She has Virgin Mary’s all over her house with holy water sitting under them. Anything that goes wrong with anyone she cares about she acts as though it was her fault and spends all day praying her rosary. Despite the advice of my mom’s sister I have not told my Grandma any of this. My aunt thinks my Grandma praying for me is going to help me get pregnant. I don’t think I could handle my little old Grandma creating blisters on her fingers praying the rosary for me. Don’t get me wrong I am not disagreeing that prayer can help, but I don’t think me worrying about my Grandma worrying is going to help me out too well either.

Okay, on with the Christmas celebrations. Christmas Day we drove to J.’s family for a couple of nights. I really dread visiting his family and wonder what horrible thing could happen this time. But, like we said, it wasn’t the worst Christmas we have been through. We showed up to the extended O. Family Christmas celebration 3 hours late – perfect timing in my book. But of course J’s SIL was the first to shout out – “Good of you to come” “Where you drinking to much last night” No we just have family that we actually like hanging out with and we had to drive 5 hours on Christmas Day to see you dysfunctional people so sorry we weren’t so quick to get here. Oh if I only could say that and still be able to show my face at the in-laws again.
We survived the couple hours at the extended family celebration and enjoyed the next two days with J.'s nieces. 6 - 4- and 16 months, they were busy and a ton of fun to be around. They get so many toys during the holidays. We were boring and got them clothes, but we took the older ones to a movie. We are hoping that it will be the memories of fun times and hanging out with us that will last longer than the DS games and Polly Pockets.
It wasn't the worst Christmas we have spent, but we are hoping the best are yet to come!

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