Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Start of IVF

Today was my first official appointment of the IVF road. I had the saline ultrasound and trial transfer. I guess the doctor wanted to see the depth of my uterus and make sure there wasn't anything in the way in terms of cysts, fibrods, adhesions, etc. Apparently I'm a "text book" case for a successful IVF cycle. Good to know!

We had an interesting night last night. . .

We decided about a month ago to put our house on the market, well it sold it 8 days. Which meant that we needed to find a house. We did in a location that we really like, but it needs a bunch of work. Our offer on this house was accepted and if the inspection goes well on Thursday then it will be ours. So last night we went to my Mom's with two important questions to ask her and her husband:

No. 1 - Can we stay with you after we close on our house on July 16th while we do renovations on it?

No. 2 - Since we are closing on a house in less than a month taking $10,000 out of our savings for IVF really wouldn't be the best timing. So could we borrow $10,000 from you for a month until we close on our house? And Oh, by the way we need that $10,000 by Thursday.

I knew the second question would be a really hard one to ask and hard to receive, but I thought for sure they would be more than okay with us living with them while we did our renovations. They weren't exactly opening their door to us when we asked question number 1, so I was really nervous to ask question number 2. But, we really didn't have a choice - we need to do the cycle now because I'm on summer vacation. Yes it probably wasn't the best choice for us to buy a house at this time, but as my Mom always says "it is what it is"!

So we'll see. They said it was fine that we moved in with them. We will make it as temporary as possible. They are going to get back to us on the borrowing of money. I am really trying not to stress out about these situations so that this IVF journey goes well, so it would be nice if we heard from them soon.


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  2. Stopping by from Stirrup Queen. Noticed that you are getting ready for an IVF... I just started my BCP (IVF). Wanted to wish you good luck... I will be following you.