Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 days

Of puking and today I finally felt better! I actually have (almost) made it through the whole day without puking and that is a good milestone. You know how you know you are feeling like crap when you are sick but you really don't know how sick you were feeling until you feel better again. That is how I felt today. I was so thankful this morning that I was able to get out of bed and not go running to the bathroom.
I even went to a movie this afternoon with a friend. We saw Julie & Julia. It was a sweet movie. I really loved the couple of points in the movie where they slightly touched on her inability to have children. It was very tactful and touching. When she found out that her sister was pregnant and she said through her tears that she was happy for her I knew exactly how she was feeling. Devastated that it wasn't her, but really, truly happy for her sister.
Tuesday is the big day. After these two days of pure sickness there HAS to be something good going on in my uterus! I feel a lot less nervous now and just SUPER anxious to hear the hearbeat!
I hope everyone's weekend went well. I'm exhausted now, I have my pug on my lap and we are going to fall asleep to the PGA. It is just down the road from me (I can see the blimp in the air above the tournament). Golf is a great sport to put you to sleep. Maybe I can condition the baby to fall asleep to golf! :-)


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Sorry you're feeling so sick- it will get better! :-)

  2. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Can't wait to hear about the TWO babies in there!

  3. My husband in going to culinary school in the Twin Cities in MN and we had the chance to go to a premiere of the movie, red carpet type event, and we were planning on it but couldn't go because we had no sitter and one of the kids was sick. I wish we had gotten the chance to go, I would have loved to see it.