Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am feeling nervous about this pregnancy. I know it is because there has been/will be such a long wait between my last Beta and my first ultrasound. I just feel like there should be some more information coming my way about this pregnancy. It's like - "great, we got you pregnany, your numbers look great, so let's hope nothing happens in the next 3 weeks because we aren't going to check on you again until then."
I know that even if something has happened there is nothing they can do about it, but it still makes me really nervous.
I wish I was having more pregnancy symptoms than just being tired. I feel like I could be blaming my tiredness on something other than pregnancy so it would be nice to have another symptom.
I guess if I had to come up with two other pregnancy symptoms they would be an adversion to pork - thus the pig picture - and a bloated tummy. I may have just packed on a little bit of wait during this "stay rested" summer/IVF cycle, but feel like my stomach looks like the pig's!
My father-in-law has been in town all this weekend working on electrical at the new house. I'm at my Mom's right now and no one is here but me and the dog. It is very peaceful. Time for a nap!


  1. I'm wanting more symptoms too. I can't wait for my u/s too...I need to see that everything is okay with this pregnancy.

  2. 3 weeks IS a long time. The 2 weeks until my first u/s was hard, and then I found out I have to wait 3 for the next one. Hang in there. Just remember all the waiting we did before this trying to get here. Oh, and funny that you have an adversion against pork, because that is slowly becoming my favorite meat!