Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Betraying RE

I called my RE clinic again today to see if there were ready to get me on the schedule for next week for my first u/s. They still said no (like I thought they were going to) because Dr. C is on a procedure schedule and they will call me one to two days before to let me know when I can get in. I doubled checked that I was on the waiting list and I'm glad I did, because I wasn't. When I called the other week it was their other office taking their calls because they were moving. Glad I doubled checked that. I'm not sure how far down on the waiting list I am. I forgot to ask that.

So just because I am not being patient (as J. is telling me) I called my OB office to see if they would do the u/s next week. They said "no problem"!!! So I scheduled it for Tuesday morning at 7:45. I will be exactly 7 weeks on that day so we should be able to hear heart beat(s) and count baby(ies) no problem.

I will send the results over to the RE office and they will have to "officially" release me before I can start being seen at the OB office. I know this is not going to make the RE the happiest, but really I think I should be able to do what I want with this somewhat. This entire process has been out of our control for so long that I just need to feel like I can control something. I made a deal with J. that if the RE office calls on Monday and says they can get me in on Tuesday or Wednesday I will go there and cancel the OB u/s. If not I'm going to the OB's office for the u/s on Tuesday and I will deal with the RE's office after that.

So only one more week until I can have peace of mind that there is a healthy heartbeat and count how many there are!

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  1. You are not "betraying" your RE- I've definitely learned in this process that you have to do what's best for you first and foremost. I hope the earlier u/s gives you the peace of mind you need to stress less.