Sunday, March 8, 2009

So much news. . .

I am just going to make bullets because there is so much on my mind I just need to get it out in a list:
  • Last Sunday evening I received the news from my aunt ther her neice (her husband's neice) was pregnant again after having twins out of wed-lock 6 months ago.
  • A VERY good friend of mine (K.)ask me about our fertility journey for the first time in a while and when I told her that it wasn't fair for me to talk with her about my sadness because she was experiencing the happiness of a baby soon she told me that as friends we need to experience sadness and happiness together. A day later she sent me a text message that she was in the hospital having her first baby.
  • I called another friend of mine (C.) on Saturday morning to see if it would be okay that I call K. at the hospital to hear the news of her baby. I wasn't sure if I should bug them and I was nervous that since we hadn't heard anything that something might not be okay. C. was also in the hospital and had given birth to her 2nd baby.
  • Two babies born in the same day!
  • Dinner at my Mom's tonight. They were in Honduras for a Doctor's without Borders type mission. She said she was happy to see me becuase sh kept thinking about me when she was seeing mother's and their daughters who were pregnant at 15 years old or younger and that it is okay that I have waited until 30 to have a baby.
  • I hate that I am on Facebook because yet another close friend of mine is pregnant with twins and just posted as much on her facebook page saying that she is having both a boy and a girl. She went through some sort of infertility because she recommended her doctor (who we went to for a 2nd opinion so I know his practice), but she refuses to say anything more to me than "I know what you are going through and everything will work out someday for you."
  • AND to top it all off, J. just doesn't get why I am sad for all of this baby birthing and making. . .he just keeps telling me we need to have more sex. . .
  • . . .I'm not in the mood. . .


  1. I am sorry about all of your PG news. It is so hard to take it in and be happy for them all. Our day will be one day. Hope is what has to keep us going

  2. I am so sorry hun(((Hugs))) When it rains it poors....IF is so unfair. I wish having sex more often would end this journey. Be strong and know that you are not alone.

  3. That is a lot of news. It sucks so bad that it seems to come in HUGE clumps. Why do I always know 7 people that are pregnant at a time? I just found out that a couple who been going through IF for many years is now pregnant with twins. Sometimes it is the couples with IF that finally get prengnat that are a little more difficult for me even though it is great news for them. I just found you through ICLW. I will be stopping by again.