Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm crabby

You know how you get into one of those moods where nothing will make you happy. I am in one of those this morning. I am cramping pretty bad from AF and it pisses me off that it is a consent reminder of not being pregnant again another month. We weren't offically trying this month because of the cysts from the last medicated cycle, but I made the decision not to go on the pill so there was always a chance.

J. said this morning that he really was hoping we would have gotten pregnant on our own this month. He knows that we have to do the IUI thing, but he doesn't want to think that a tube would get me pregnant. It is a male ego thing that he can't let go of. I think he was hoping that we could have just gotten pregnant this month and then his man-hood would be safe.

That's about all for now. I might call the doctor's office on Monday to get a baseline done just to see if the cysts are still there, but I still think I am going to wait another month or so before attempting IUI again. It is just so emotionally exhausting and I have the rest of the school year to get through.


  1. Sorry you are crabby and AF is causing you pain. Sometimes I feel the emotional pain of AF and the reminder it means no baby is worse than the physical pain . Hang in there

  2. Yeah, it stinks when cramps and other physical pangs remind us we're still not pregnant. I'm too old to keep hoping, but I feel a similar crabby when AF arrives. Sending you lots of hopes for strength to get you to the next step whether that be IUI or the success of TTC in anther way.



  3. I understand the feeling, my husband say sthe same thing in regards to IUI's. we cannever do an IUI cycle back to back because after 1 we always feel like we need a break. TTC is so emotional and I hope the journey will lead to a baby for you very soon.