Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A picture for the future

No we're no pregnant!

When I was in my 2ww from the last IUI attempt I had thoughts of announcing to everyone by having them look through pictures of our vacation and coming upon this one.

We wrote it in the sand anyway. I am pretty sure I ovulated this weekend. I am also pretty sure the cysts still exist because it was quite a painful ovulation. However we did "attempt" to make a baby on our own this weekend while we were in Jamaica. It was a relaxing weekend with nothing to do but lay in the sun and sip pina coladas. So no one can accuse me of not being "relaxed."

So as we all know that our plans change and get pushed back through this entire IF process I have made a new plan. On the chance that we did get pregnant this weekend I thought it would be fun to still announce it this way. After this month I may end up deleting those pictures as our plans change again, but for now it will stay tucked away on my computer.

p.s. Jamaica was great! We were only in the sun for 3 days and actually one of them was pretty cloudy, but it was just what my internal psychologist ordered for me as therapy!

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  1. I thought about doing this very same thing a couple months ago, and was telling my husband about it. His only question was, would my parents be interested in all the other pics I had in there long enough for them to get to that pic? I couldn't help but laugh, he was right. My parents are so digitally enabled, that they would lose interest in a group of pics that came from a 35mm. It really is a beautiful idea to write in the sand like that.

    Where did you stay when you were in Jamaica? I noticed one of your posts you spoke of Jamaica. We stayed in Negril last May 08. It was beautiful.