Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello ICLWers

Quick update:
I got my period on Friday half way through the day. It was way more than just implantation spotting. I kept my Beta testing and ultrasound appointment for Monday. The Beta confirmed the negative pregnancy test. I have huge cysts on my ovaries as well again. They really hurt this time so there is no doubt I will start the pill and I have been taking lots of Advil.
I am feeling okay about this. I think I had so many days of spotting that I had prepared myself for it. Of course I’m sad and wish that we didn’t have to do this again, but I feel like I am handling it better this month. We have an appointment scheduled with an RE on May 3rd. We saw him last year and he said to stay the course. We are going to see what he will say after it’s been another year of TTC, miscarriage and such.
There are only 34 more days (yes I’m counting) left to the school year. I have had a challenging year and I’m certain a summer of some stress free days and rest will help. We are feeling certain we would like to do IVF this summer and we are hoping the RE agrees to take us. Now it is just figuring out how to pay for it. . . Maybe we shouldn’t have gone on that spring break trip. . . Oh, well it was good for our marriage at the time.
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  1. I hope that your RE will be on board with you doing IVF over the summer.

    I'm a teacher, also. My countdown is 22 days left, thank the Lord!


  2. Hope things go good with the RE, May 3rd isn't too far away. Don't doubt taking your spring break trip, sometimes you just need to get away to be able to regroup. When I see the summer vacation count down, it always makes me wish that I was a teacher. 34 days, lucky!

  3. Oh May 3rd is just about to come...Boo Hoo to AF...what a witch! Keep the appointment...and do good. Hope you get some good relaxation...


  4. So sorry about the negative beta. I know how it feels to see those first few spots and hope, hope, hope it's implantation bleeding....only to be greeted by unmistakable cramps and AF.

    You sound ready to move into a new cycle, so I hope your RE agrees and that you can go forward.

    Best of luck!


  5. booo, I'm sorry for the negative beta. I admire the way you are handling this whole thing. I'm excited to hear how the RE appt goes on the 3rd.

  6. So sorry about the negative Beta, and about AF showing. Good luck with the RE on May 3rd. I hope he has a good plan!


  7. Yuck to AF. Best of luck with your appointment. Hopefully things will be going in the right direction soon!