Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random thoughts and feelings

So many things running through my mind right now I'm just going to list them:
  • Today at lunch my very nice, considerate co-worker was talking with me about what I have heard about my teaching placement for next year. My snotty co-worker who has always been nothing but cold me to said "You should just get pregnant and stay home."  She knows I had a miscarriage this fall. UGH! I just wanted to slap her!
  • I made a call to my very good friend today to ask her how things were going at home with her baby that was bornon March 6th. I asked lots of questions about her and the baby. It was a nice conversation and I felt good about touching base with her even though it is hard for me to her about the baby. She sent me a text message that said this: "I didn't even ask about you. . .did you want to talk about anything? Dave asked how you were doing and I said fine, but I guess I don't know for sure. . ." I haven't responded to that yet. I'm not sure how to. Suggestions?
  • I was flipping channels and came across one of those TLC shows of a family with 10+ kids. I got to thinking, why don't they have stories abou couples that have troubles having even one kid?
  • I had a little bleeding and cramping today. . . this concerns me a bit because I woke up this morning and remembered that I forgot to take my progesterone pill last night. We were at the Twins baseball game and it went to 11 innings. We got home late and I went right to bed. I completely forgot to take it. I can't believe that missing it just one day would have done something, but I'm not sure. I took it this morning and I will again tonight - hopefully that isn't too much in one day. But of course it could be that infamous implantation bleeding that people talk about. I am 10 days post IUI so that might be it.
That's about it. . .for today!


  1. What a terrible coworker, at least you won't have to see her anymore when you switch schools.
    I sure hope that the spotting wasn't anything. Hang in there. Have fun at Sugarland tomorrow (still jealous)!

  2. Hoping you get your sticky BFP soon!

  3. Wishing you lots of luck this cycle!!!

    ICLW :)

  4. Here from ICLW. . .

    Here's hoping that your bleeding & cramping is due to implantation. I had my first IUI this cycle and have added you to my Google Reader so that I can follow you and see how this turns out for you.

    Oh, and about your friend's text: not sure how much information you've shared with your friend, so that would probably dictate your response. If she knows about your efforts, I might tell her that I am in the 2WW and leave it at that.

  5. Hi I found you through ICLW. I am sending good thoughts your way and hope you get your BFP soon and all goes well! I am a working mom with two girls, one who passed away at age 3 two months ago today from a genetic condition, which is why we are doing IVF this fall. I'll check back and wait for your positive test.

  6. Here from ICLW, and I'm thrilled to find someone else going through IUI right now. Good luck! Hoping for a BFP for you.