Wednesday, July 1, 2009


J. always says that I spend too much time of Facebook. He is probably right, but I'm addicted to checking in on the lives of people around me. It is fun to see pictures of people's vacations and kids. It is fun to comment on what they are up to or thinking about the weather, etc. But there are those days where I see posts like "our baby is coming home today from the hospital", "we're pregnant, again", "Thanks to my friends for bringing me dinner and dessert because I had a baby 4 months ago", "the baby isn't napping any more and my life is harder because of it". These are the days I wish I never had a Facebook account. They are the days that I wish I could post "I have a horrible headache from the Lupron injections that I'm taking to become a mother - something I have been trying to do for over 2 years. Could someone bring me a really sinful dessert and a latte to make be feel better please"
The world of FB would never be the same and J. would kill me that "the world" would know all that. It is times like these that I had that infertility has such a stigma attached to it and that it has to be such a private struggle that we have to go through.


  1. I can totally relate about Facebook. Like you, I enjoy reading people's news and seeing their photos. And like you, it's like a knife to my heart some days when I have to read yet another pregnancy- or baby-related status update or hear about how bad some new or expectant mother is feeling. What I wouldn't give to feel like crap for that reason rather than fertility drugs!

    Anyhoo. Sadly, I don't have any words of wisdom to offer. Just wanted to let you know that there is someone who shares your feelings. (My husband would also flip if I posted about our IF on Facebook, and I confess it would make me uncomfortable, too. TTC is such a personal thing.)

  2. i love facebook but have the same issue....and though i would like to smack some people...I don't want to share my journey with the world, it hurts too much to give everyone access. sending you a big hug, and a latte!

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about! I too just wrote a blog about FB a few days ago. I saw your title on someone elses blog roll and thought, no it couldn't be? Stop by sometime.