Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blue Straw

Today was a really sad day so I decided on the blue straw for my margarita.

I woke up to bleeding this morning and a lot of cramping. I POAS and it was negative. I wasn't scheduled for my HCG until tomorrow morning, but I couldn't take it any longer. So I just showed up at the doctor's office and asked if I could ask the IF nurse if she would test me early. I could barely get my name out through my tears to the receptionist, but she was so considerate. She just wrote my name down, handed me a kleenex and told me she would let me know as soon as she got in. Luckily she didn't have an appointment until 8:30 so she was able to see me no problem. She drew my blood and did my baseline ultrasound.

I have a "large" cyst on both ovaries and little ones all around.

She called around 11:45 with the HCG results. Negative.

So I am suppose to start the BCP for the cysts and stop the progesterone. Part of me wants to not go on the pill and just try on our own for a month or so. I know the cysts will go away faster with the bcp, but it is really hard for me to do that right now.

This really SUCKS!!!

"It never gets easier" that is what I said to J. tonight. It doesn't matter how many times we go through months like this, it never gets easier.
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