Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teacher's Lounge

I am a elementary school teacher. I am not sure if I have mentioned that before. Which means about 99% of my co-workers are female. So at any given time there are usually 2-3 women pregnant in our building. Right now there are 3. One due tomorrow, one due in February and one due in the Spring. I can't even bring myself to ask about when the 3rd one is due but, I think it is sometime in the Spring.

It is customary for expectant mothers to make their announcement in true elementary style in the lounge (candy, a cute poster and catchy rhyme to break. . .I mean share the news). The first two didn't "announce" - I'm not sure why. The third one announced right after I found out about our miscarriage. I couldn't even look at the announcement.

Now I am finding that I can't even have lunch in the lounge. There was much talk about the teacher who is due tomorrow since she didn't come back from Winter Break (for obvious reasons). Then the talk moved to the teacher due this Spring and the cost of her pre-natal care. I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from rattling off the cost of IF and how much insurance doesn't want and doesn't cover it. But, I was a good little IF patient and kept my mouth shut!

Maybe I should just eat my lunch in my classroom. . .

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