Monday, January 5, 2009

A Card

I really hope I didn't over step any lines I shouldn't have today, but I sent J.'s cousin's wife a card today. It was a general "I am sorry things suck right now" card. I said in so many words that we are traveling down the same road as them and that if they want someone to talk to, cry with or just sit in the same room with someone who understands what they are going through that we were there for them.

I also said I was sorry for how I found out this information about them. I think she will know what I mean by that. I really am sorry for that, it just breaks my heart .

I had received the most wonderful card from my very first friend in this IF journey I would like to share those words here, I read them over and over as a way to help me cope:


It is difficult for other to understand

the depth of the loss we feel

for the child who will never be born.

Even those closest to us

may wonder why

we cant seem to get over it.

What they don't understand is

how we already loved that little one

and love never ends.

Though the dreams and plans we had

must be gently laid to rest

we each must take our own time

and, in our own way, find the strength

to let hope be a part of us once again.

If you need someone to talk to,

I'm here.

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