Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I drank the Champagne

So I got AF today. I have never been so happy to get my period before. I was really hoping when I called my IF nurse today that she would have said that I didn't have to come in for a baseline ultrasound (since I just had the pelvic laparoscopy) for two reasons:

#1 - they are vaginal and seriously I am done with things getting stuck up there (sorry J. I don't mean you)

#2 - I am a teacher and the IF nurses are only at the clinic from 7:30 a.m. -1:30. So that means if they don't have a 7:30 appointment available I will have to take a half day for a 3 minute appointment and make sub plans.

But, she called back and said that in fact we need to do one because since my period has started I could have developed cysts and they need to know about that first. Luckily they had a 7:30 appointment available tomorrow morning. So I am going to play hookie from our staff meeting tomorrow morning and go to the appointment.

I am so excited for this process to start again. But, I am SUPER nervous too.

Excited because: I really feel like it is going to work this time! This fall was HORRIBLE, really horrible. The only thing that got me through was convincing myself that after my BFF's wedding on Jan. 3rd things would be better and happier. I am excited because the wedding was so much fun and it was good to have something happy to look forward to.

Nervous because: I have been able to fool myself out of the depression I was in only a month ago by convincing myself that the bright side of me losing the baby is that I would be able to drink champagne at my BFF's wedding.

Well, I drank the champagne and now here I am with my BFF on her Honeymoon and I am excited to have have got my period today.

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  1. :-) Happy Period Day !
    And good luck on your next cycle.