Friday, January 30, 2009


Family: Octuplets' mother has 6 other children

When I originally heard about this story I thought "Wow, a couple goes in for treatment and they end up with 8 babies. She must have had an IUI done because there is no way a doctor would implant 8 embryos with IVF. They must be so happy to finally have the babies they have always wanted, but scared about having to have 8 all at once."

But, this morning I am watching the news to find out that she had 6 other kids at home already, she is "young" (not sure what that means), they don't know who the dad is, AND she is living with her parents.

I read this article this morning and read a statement from her dad, "we have a big house. . .the media won't find out where that big house is at"

This is all very weird! Also very hard to read the morning after my sad news day.

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